My kavitha mami and my lover malar part- v

(My kavitha mami and my lover malar )

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pleaded her for sex and asked her why you are avoiding me, she told me, I need a family if my husband comes to know our relationship he will divorce me and my family will also reject me, that is why I am avoiding you the pleasure you gave me in that fifteen days will be the only memory which will never die and asked me not to ask her for sex, I too felt what she said is right so I too stopped asking her for sex. After delivering a cute baby girl she resigned her job, after working hour we gave her a party after the party was over she called me to ladies private cabin, one last time she gave me a half an hour French kiss with tears dripping from her eyes I asked her why you are crying but she didn’t say anything her only reply was her French kiss after few weeks she fled India and happily settled with her husband in Holland at that time only I came to know why she cried. where ever you are Ramya your memory is always fresh in my memory where ever you are Ramya take care, one day I hope so I will see you and take good care of my child tooooo really miss u a lot de chellam, I hope so you are reading this story bye bye Ramya.

Friends thank you for reading MY STORY patiently
Friends I am not a call guy or a person who is roaming behind girls to have sex i just posted My real life experience so please ladies, aunties and girls don’t ask me to have sex with u as far as I am concerned I am much satisfied with My Wife Malar and My Mami kavitha and my Babhi Priya and with Brinda Aunty. Guys If u like this story please send me your comments . Girls and aunties if u like this story please send me your naked picture of your boobs and pussy to the above mentioned e-mail address without showing your face, guys don’t ask me My real name or My address nor My phone no, as well as don’t ask Malar,priya,Brinda,Ramya and kavitha’s pictures I won’t provide.

Finally very big thanks to TK platform for posting My Series of stories, as well as for giving such a nice platform for others to post their stories, I wish them they should continue their service forever, as well as I would like to thank all the peoples who read this story and sent me a comment, have a healthy and safer sex enjoy your life take care bye.

Rubber88boy Signing off for Now !!! Will Meet u All, very soon bye Girls,guys and Aunties.

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